Your Medical Record Online, Anytime, Anywhere. That's MedBook®.

MedBook® is the solution to having all your health records and information in one secure place.

Do you still fill out the same health and insurance information every time you visit your doctor? How about gathering shot records, sports physicals, or keeping up with appointments and medications? How many patient portals do you have to keep up with and are they all easy to use? Do you wonder why doctors and other providers always seem to be missing your test results and office notes? Well, you’re not alone, and there is finally a solution. MedBook® is your medical record in one place—own it.

MedBook® is the interactive, personalized health record created by doctors that allows you to organize and update your own information at any time. You control who has access to your MedBook®: doctors, family, caregivers, others; a simple invite is all it takes! MedBook® allows you to send your visit notes, labs, and any information to your doctors and other providers. We understand that it’s your personal health record—let your doctor know that you’ll be sharing your MedBook® with them!

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MedBook®‘s approach is different, and it is simple. Patients should direct their own medical care and have reliable control of their health records all in one place. MedBook® is private, accessible, convenient, and it belongs to you—the patient.